Exponential Energy






Specializing in high frequency crystals, 

semi precious gemstones​ and crystal energy devices

 ​33% off all tumbled stones now until August 9!!!

***Bismuth crystals retail and wholesale***

Introducing Jody Maas

*All hand made items are given to Jody by spirit*

SEF(Strengthen Energy Field) Pendant

Trinity Pendulum

TKOA(The Key of Ascension) Symbol

Auric Balancer Crystal Healing Rod

Exponential Energy Device

NP3(Negative to Positive in 3 seconds) Loose Blended Incense


Interview with Jody Maas:

Dowsing Service:


​$75/hr travel time

Remote service available


Dowsing, A Life Skill

Saturday, August 19, 9am-5pm
3 King Street North at Oakland Rd, Oakland, ON
(10km south of Brantford)
Cost $20 for the day 
Bring a lunch or there are restaurants close by

Learn from Neil Anderson, President of the Canadian Society of Dowsers, about Spiritual healing, Broken heart self love, Stray voltage, Electromagnetic fields 

Jody Maas​, Vice President of the Canadian Society of Dowsers, Earth's energies, Site clearing-residential and commercial, Workshops, Standing Stones

*Crystal Squared will have gemstones, crystals, dowsing rods, pendulums and more available for purchase.  The Arcturian Pyramid will also be available*


Also offering:
*Healing Circles*

*Arcturian Pyramid Sessions*

*Dowsing Level 1 and 2 Workshop*

*Basic Energy Awareness Workshop*

*Make your own walking stick*

*Stone Carving*

​and more...

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