Exponential Energy






High frequency crystals, 

Semi precious gemstones​, Crystal energy devices 

***Bismuth Crystals retail and wholesale***


ARCTURIAN-"Transmissions From The Group"

Interactive Workshop

Participants in this workshop will gain experience with sensing energies through different techniques.  This workshop is designed to be interactive with participants sharing their experiences with the group.

                           *TKOA Symbol Guided Meditations

                           *Arcturian Pyramid Grid

                           *Sand Drawing

                    Offered on 2 dates:  Saturday January 13, Saturday January 20

                   Location:  Indoors at 6447 Regional Rd. 25, Milton, ON L9T 9G5

                   Time:  9am-4pm

                   Cost:  $150.00

                   Lunch:  Bring our own. Restaurants are close by

           *Message to inquire and reserve your spot.*

Jody Maas Creations:

All hand made items are given to Jody by spirit

                                             *SEF(Strengthen Energy Field) Pendant

                                             *Trinity Pendulum

                                             *TKOA(The Key of Ascension) Symbol

                                             *Auric Balancer Crystal Healing Rod

                                             *Exponential Energy Device

                                             *NP3(Negative to Positive in 3 seconds)

                                                         Loose Blended Incense

Interviews with Jody Maas:


                                       (in the category of Star Nations;                                                                                                     subscription required)


Dowsing Service:


​$75/hr travel time

Remote service available