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High frequency crystals, 

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Energy Treatment

​Since Catherine began practising as an osteopathic manual practitioner more than 20 years ago, she recognized that there was more to the client than just the physical body.  She would be feel drained after a few hours of cranial osteopathy with clients and wondered how she would ever make a career of it.  

With the help of a colleague, she received her answer.  She envisioned energy coming through her crown, down her arms and out her hands that were placed on the client.  This way, she became a conduit for the client who used the universal energy instead of hers to heal themselves.  The more harmonized the practitioner is with the universe, the more efficient the treatment becomes.  

We must be aware that the client is a multifaceted being with a spirit, mind and emotions layered around the physical body and entering the body through major and minor energy centres.  The client is also influenced by the earth, a large magnet, and the solar system and beyond.

Healing is all about frequency.  Our bodies are surrounded by an electromagnetic field, which is scientifically proven, called an aura.  As the frequencies around us change, the body must integrate them or it may fall ill.  Traumas both physical and emotional also disrupt the energetic flow in the body but balance can be restored.

*Please contact me if you are interested in an energy session in person or at a distance.*

Jody Maas Creations:

All hand made items are given to Jody by spirit

                                             *SEF(Strengthen Energy Field) Pendant

                                             *Trinity Pendulum

                                             *TKOA(The Key of Ascension) Symbol

                                             *Auric Balancer Crystal Healing Rod

                                             *Exponential Energy Device

                                             *NP3(Negative to Positive in 3 seconds)

​                                             *Arcturian Etheral Pyramid

                                              *Loose Blended Incense

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Dowsing Service:


​$75/hr travel time

Remote service available