Dowsing, A Life Skill

​by Jody Maas, Vice President of the Canadian Society of Dowsers

One Day Level 1 Practical Workshop in Milton

Saturday November 11 9am-3pm 

Saturday November 18 9am-3pm

$120 tax included

Contact us if interested info@crystalsquared.com


Exponential Energy






Specializing in high frequency crystals, 

semi precious gemstones​ and crystal energy devices


***Bismuth crystals retail and wholesale***

Introducing Jody Maas

*All hand made items are given to Jody by spirit*

SEF(Strengthen Energy Field) Pendant

Trinity Pendulum

TKOA(The Key of Ascension) Symbol

Auric Balancer Crystal Healing Rod

Exponential Energy Device

NP3(Negative to Positive in 3 seconds) Loose Blended Incense


Interview with Jody Maas:


Dowsing Service:


​$75/hr travel time

Remote service available



Canadian Hypnosis Conference

October 27-29, 2017

Burlington, ON

*The Arcturian Pyramid will be available as well as all of our products*