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*Trinity has 3 Herkimer diamonds incorporated into the design to assist in higher chakra and higher dimensional work.


*Trinity has a very positive Mantra designed into the chip technology. This Mantra enhances positive energy in our bodies assisting in clearing and protection.


*The colours assist in adjusting the frequencies of our personal energy fields.


*Trinity has been placed in the Arcturian Ethereal Pyramid where it has been downloaded with Arcturian Light Codes.


When you first receive the Trinity Pendant there is a three day adjustment period much like getting used to a highly charged crystal. It is recommended to wear the pendant for short periods of time until you become used to it. Also, it is designed to be worn as jewelry, ie. on the outside of clothing. It is not designed to be worn in such a way as to rub the surface, ie. under clothing, in purses or pockets or during sleep.


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Arcturian Trinity Pendant

C$120.00 Regular Price
C$90.00Sale Price
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