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The optic quality of this piece is stunning. This piece has 3 windows(portals), one diamond shaped and two oblong. There is also a very large key.


Metaphysically, Lemurian Quartz has all of the attributes of clear quartz plus enhancing visionary experiences, expanding consciousness, activating brain capacities, enhancing crystalline coherence and linking to Lemuria.


Note:  There is some damage at the tip which reflects in the price.


Origin:  Zeca de Souza, Brazil

Weight:  60.9g

Size:  7cm longX3cm wideX1.8cm deep(2.8inchesX1.2inX0.72in)


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Lemurian Clear Quartz#19

SKU: LQZeca#19
C$46.00 Regular Price
C$39.10Sale Price
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